New Patients

Smiling_woman_dental_chairGoing to a new dentist for the first time can make anybody feel a little uneasy. Our Indianapolis dental team is here to answer all your questions and help you feel as relaxed as possible!

What’s Going to Happen?

Once you arrive, we’ll have you complete a bit of paperwork or arrange to provide it to you ahead of time so that you can bring it with you. Guests can also enjoy some cold water or a fresh cup of coffee.

Our assistant will show you around the office and find out what your initial concerns are. If necessary, we’ll also collect a series of intraoral photos and digital x-rays to aid in your examination process.

Meeting Our Dentist

After all of the information is collected, Dr. Herd will visit with you about what goals and concerns you have before performing a thorough examination.

We will screen for conditions associated with:

  • TMJ disorder
  • Existing dental work
  • Signs of snoring, clenching, or sleep apnea
  • Underlying dental or gum diseases

Screening for Soft Tissue Diseases

Your exam will also include an advanced oral cancer screening with VELScope, along with manual palpation of lymph nodes along the face and neck to screen for pathological tissues.

The last part of your exam will include a tooth by tooth periodontal examination where we chart the levels of your connective tissue, explaining the findings as we go along.

Planning the Next Steps

2007-01-24_11.39.57_-_Copy_-_Copy_-_CopyAfter we have all of the information we need, we’ll go over our findings and discuss which type of treatment or cleaning is recommended.

Throughout the process, we’ll share high definition images with you so you can see the same things we do, co-planning your own care as we go along. We’ll never talk down to you or make you feel pressured into getting treatment you don’t want. It’s our job to make the process simple and easy to understand, not to mention working within your budget.

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