CEREC Dental Crown in Indianapolis IN

Family of four having fun smiling with a dental crown making a perfect smile for one of the parents.Do you have a broken tooth or did you recently get a root canal? A dental crown can help protect your bite from the challenges of brittle, worn down enamel. Plus, they enhance your appearance and give you an entirely new looking smile. These full coverage restorations offer more reinforcement against everyday wear compared to a small filling.

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

A crown preserves your remaining tooth structure so it can continue functioning without breaking apart any further. They’re used to cover a tooth with large areas of decay or cracks that cannot support a filling.

To ensure that your crown lasts as long as possible, it’s important to brush and floss around it daily. We may also recommend wearing a night guard to bed, to prevent any excessive wearing to your teeth or existing restorations that you have invested in.

High Quality E-max Materials Offer Added Benefits

We craft our CEREC crowns out of the highest quality dental materials available. E-max crowns don’t wear down your opposing teeth the way a traditional crown used to. They’re more forgiving to your natural tooth enamel, yet they’re even stronger against unwanted chipping or wear.

The shape and coloration of your CEREC crown is designed in a way that mimics the appearance of neighboring teeth, allowing your new restoration to blend conspicuously into your smile.

Our Indianapolis dentist is extremely dedicated to aesthetic detail. If we are restoring one of your front teeth that may for any reason be too difficult to match with our in-house materials, we will arrange to have a local ceramist come in to custom match your enamel and have a lab made crown created instead.

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How Much do CEREC Dental Crowns Cost in Indianapolis?

Newlywed Couple Smiling with perfect teeth due to dental crowns On BeachAlthough the price is slightly more, a crown is an important investment that prevents your tooth from breaking down, requiring extraction, and being replaced with something else.

The cost of your crown will also depend on what your insurance benefits cover. If you don’t have insurance, our Smile Indy Savings Plan includes an additional 20% off of all restorative procedures. Or apply for CareCredit financing to get low monthly payment options with as little as 0% interest.

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