Cosmetic Dentistry in Indianapolis IN

young woman standing and smiling after getting a smile makeover using the cosmetic dentistry services at Washington Square DentalAt Washington Square Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, our cosmetic dentist in Indy offers comprehensive aesthetic cosmetic dentistry services so you can enjoy the smile of your dreams with a smile makeover. Whether you just need to lighten the shade of your enamel or need extensive rehabilitation, we can cater our services to meet your long term needs as well as your budget.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services:

Dental Veneers Mask Smile Irregularities

Customized lab-made veneers offer the best aesthetic results when it comes to different types of veneer treatments. With dental veneers, we can safely bond a thin layer of porcelain over the visible portions of your front teeth. This process allows us to mask flaws such as discoloration, chipped enamel, and even minor crowding without having to wear braces or whitening.

The dental veneer process typically takes two visits to complete, with the first being preparation of your teeth and an impression. About two weeks later, we’ll have you back to bond your new veneers in place and you’ll be good to go.

Professional Teeth Whitening Erases Years of Stain

Our Indianapolis patients can choose between in house teeth whitening or professional take-home trays. Both treatments safely lift away stain particles and improve the internal discoloration of the tooth.

Get free whitening for life! When you keep your cleaning appointment every six months, we’ll give you a refill tube of whitening gel once a year to maintain your results for the long term.

Laser Recontouring Reshapes Gummy Smiles

Uneven gum tissues can make your teeth look lopsided or shorter than they really are. “Gummy” smiles are another common complaint. With our soft tissue dental laser, we’re able to adjust your gumlines to create healthy looking margins that complement the overall appearance of your smile as a whole.

Being that the procedure is completed with a laser, there’s minimal discomfort and bleeding. Practically no recovery time is necessary.

Dental Tooth Bonding Covers Minor Flaws

When applied in just the right place, dental bonding can help to close small gaps, cover irregularly shaped enamel, or mask small chips in the teeth. Like a white filling, bonding blends with your smile and fuses directly with the small pores of your teeth. In most cases, no numbing is even necessary.

Snap-on-Smile Buys You Time

Hispanic family smiling with bright smiles from cosmetic dentistry servicesDo you need a drastically new smile, but without the investment of a traditional cosmetic makeover? Snap-on-Smile is an affordable alternative for our patients with healthy teeth and gums. The removable appliance snaps in and out over your natural smile so that you can go anywhere and see anyone without having to hide behind any embarrassing flaws.

When you need to look your best and don’t have a lot of time to undergo major dental work, the Snap-on-Smile may be your best solution from our menu of cosmetic dentistry services.

You Can Have the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Call Washington Square Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Indianapolis today to schedule your next visit or to get a smile consultation from our menu of cosmetic dentistry services. We’re open Saturdays, too! Ask about our Smile Indy Savings Plan to get 20% off your bill.

Healthy teeth and gums are the foundation to a beautiful smile. Without them, no amount of dental work can help. That’s why we believe in preventive, and non-surgical therapies to empower our patients with the ability to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.