Our Team

Our Indianapolis family dental practice was founded in 1980 by Dr. Richard Herd. We’re located in the unique, 150-year-old farm house off of Mitthoefer Road, which is one of the distinguishable established landmarks on this side of town.

Meet Dr. Richard Herd


Dr. Herd’s father was an oral surgeon, and Dr. Herd grew up wanting to be anything but a dentist. However, once he spent a summer working with his father, he decided dentistry was definitely his calling.

When he isn’t at work, Dr. Herd enjoys cooking and drinking wine. He says he works out three times a week…not because he’s a gym junkie, but because he needs to keep the pounds off from the wine and food! Otherwise, he’s singing in his church choir or taking one of several continuing education courses for the year.

He and his wife have three daughters — the oldest is a periodontist here in Indianapolis. The middle daughter is living in England and working in theatre. Their youngest daughter just graduated from Indiana University and is working as a sales analyst.

Continuing Education

In April 2017, Dr. Herd attended a seminar on “Simplifying the Full Arch Rehabilitation” presented by Hooman Zarrinkelk, DDS. This seminar showed how the “ALL on 4” denture could be placed in patients who previously had been told there wasn’t enough bone to anchor an “ALL on 4” denture in the upper arch.

“I am excited about this breakthrough. I have a patient who was told by two different Oral Surgeons that she didn’t have enough bone for this procedure. We are starting on it now, and I look forward to a successful result.”

In June 2017, Dr. Herd attended the annual meeting of the Indiana Society of Periodontists, with his daughter, Dr. Sarah Herd. The seminar was “The Team Approach to Treating Comprehensive Periodontal and Restorative Cases” presented by Daniel Melker, DDS. Dr. Melker discussed treating periodontal disease and how to restore the teeth when the disease has progressed in between the roots of the back teeth.

“Dr. Sarah Herd and I work together to save these compromised teeth. Dr. Melker stressed that natural teeth are still a better choice than dental implants. Dr. Sarah and I agree with this.”

In April 2018, Dr. Herd attended the 5th Annual Keystone Dental Symposium. Keystone is a leading producer of advanced dental implant solutions. The seminar focused on achieving esthetic restorative results, particularly in relationship to the gums. Topics included Keystone’s “Pink” implants, featuring a pink above-the-bone color to better blend the implant into the gums, and gum shaping techniques for more natural-looking crown installations.

Our Team Members


I’ve been working with Dr. Herd since 1990. I’ve really enjoyed building relationships with our wonderful patients, especially watching their kids grow up with us.I have two boys that keep me very busy with sports, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


I have been an assistant for 14 years now. I have lost of experience with a variety of dental procedures. I love what I do and helping patients.Dr. Herd’s office is very pleasant and relaxed, the rest of the staff is very warm and caring for patients and have their best interest in mind at all times. I have 3 children and enjoy their activities.


I was born and raised in Indianapolis, graduating from Scecina High School in 2004. I studied pre-dental hygiene at Indiana University. I transferred to the IU School of Dentistry in Indianapolis and graduated in 2007 as a Certified Expanded Functions Dental Assistant. I was lucky enough to return to dental school and completed the Dental Hygiene program, graduating in 2015. I joined Dr. Herd and staff in March of 2013, and I’ve enjoyed every moment since. I love our easy-going and friendly staff and hope to continue building new relationships with each and every patient I meet.

Did You Say “Fresh Baked Cookies?”


Yes, we offer fresh baked cookies every day to our patients and guests. We want your stay with us to feel as if you’re visiting an old friend. Plus, you can even enjoy a hot cup of coffee and some of the best cappuccino in town!

Looking forward to tuning out your procedure? Just pop on a pair of our movie goggles to watch your favorite DVD during treatment. Once we’re finished, you can clean up with a warm towelette.

Advanced Services

Although we are a family dental practice, that doesn’t stop us from providing some of the latest in state-of-the-art dental care for our patients. Dr. Herd has trained with the Las Vegas Institute and taken hundreds of hours of professional development training in service areas including dental implants, same day crowns, and Invisalign.

Thanks to CEREC technology, we’re able to complete crown treatments in one visit, when it would normally require two appointments. This benefits both us as well as our patients, being that less time is needed and you don’t have to try to get off from work for an extra day. Plus, the high quality materials enable our same day crowns to withstand all of the normal wear that everyday life puts them through.

Ask About Our Drill Free Fillings


Do you have a small area of tooth decay that needs to be restored? If we catch it early on, we may be able to offer you drill-free filling treatments. This procedure uses micro-air abrasion to safely lift away decayed tooth enamel without needing any numbing or drilling. They’re ideal for small white fillings in the grooves and pits of your back teeth.

Call today to schedule Be sure to ask about our Smile Indy Savings Plan to get access to all of your preventive care as well as a 20% discount on extra treatment!